Kelly Ryan is a dedicated practitioner, committed student and passionate teacher of yoga and meditation. She is a creative. A heart-felt documentary and lifestyle photographer who loves the way that when we cultivate the connection to the sacredness of life, we begin to see the world in a truly magical light. It does not change the things we are looking at, but instead the way we see them. Wether through the practice of yoga and meditation, or her unique approach to photography, she hopes to help transform the way you experience yourself and the world around you. 

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Insight Timer


Kelly has a teacher profile on the worlds most popular meditation app, Insight Timer. Visit her profile to find a growing number of traditional tantric meditation practices as well as some unique and lively affirmation tracks.  

Let’s collaborate!

Would you like to make some beautiful images with me? My photography can be a co-collaboration of dreaming up and preparing your perfect shoot or simply documenting the magic in those intimate moments in a natural and candid documentary style approach. 


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