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Something has become astoundingly clear to me over the last year or so. I LOVE capturing the essence of women. I love the seasons of womanhood, from Maiden to Mother, to Maga to Crone. I love the collaborative, creative aspect of coming together with another woman, of truly seeing her and capturing the beauty that she herself, might not be able to see.

As women, we have a habit of overanalysing ourselves, of only seeing our imperfections and constantly comparing ourselves to our “more perfect” counterparts. I know I do it. I know some of the most conventionally beautiful women I have ever seen do it and I am guessing you do it too!

The Navajo people of the American Southwest have a belief. They say that perfection keeps Spirit from entering a thing. In their masterful weavings, they incorporate a deliberate irregularity, an errant line or color that looks like an unintented flaw but is actually a purposeful deviation called a “spirit line,” the place where Mystery might enter.

So I would be honoured to be invited to capture your mystery, your imperfections, your spirit lines and your truly unique and beautiful essence, no matter what stage of the journey you are on.

… and if no one has reminded you today, can I just say, you, dear sister, are absolutely beautiful!

The Motherhood Sessions: Pregnancy, Newborn & Breastfeeding.

1 hour session – $490

Includes one location

Matrescence is the physical, emotional, hormonal and social transition to becoming a mother. It is a sacred time wether it’s your first or seventh transition.

These sessions are all about honouring, celebrating and processing that transition. To capture the beauty in the changing shape of both your body and your human experience. 

Wether that’s in the pregnancy stage, or newborn and beyond – It’s all about capturing women in their divine maternal essence as well as the magic (and reality) of family. 

Things to think about:

Maternity/Pregnancy sessions can be done outside in nature, in your home or in my studio set up, for a more formal and dramatic look. Think about what kind of environment would truly honour the way you choose to move through this transition.

Newborn sessions are beautiful to capture in documentary style from the comfort of your post partum bubble. Think of these as immortalising the reality of this sacred time. There is no need for a “perfect location” because you are honouring the uniqueness of this raw and fleeting stage of family life. 

The Soul Centred Entrepreneurs Dream Package 


Includes 2-3 locations

Humans are visual by nature, and although they say you can’t judge a book by its cover, a picture is worth a thousand words. 

I know I always look to really “see” a person before I engage in business with them. I want to feel like they will get me, like they are one of my people and that I resonate with the way they express in the world. 

I LOVE working with soul centred entrepreneurs to create images that represent their love and passion for their work in the world and their unique way of expressing it. 

The process:

  • When you inquire about this package I will send you a questionnaire to help you get clear on your purpose, your brand and your vision.
  • From there, we will book in a 20 minute phone conversation, to get clear on where we are shooting and the “scenes” you wish to capture.
  • I recommend starting to make a pinterest board, or collection of images that capture the mood or feeling you wish to capture and communicate to your audience. 
  • These sessions can be done as a full three hour session or in two sessions of 1.5hrs. 

Womens Wild Essence Embodiment Sessions:

Body love and reclamation


Includes one location

These sessions are all about getting in touch with, freeing and celebrating the parts of you that you might not feel comfortable in sharing with the “real world”. It’s about getting in touch with your wild, feminine nature (whatever that means to you) and honouring that. 

For some women this is about moving, capturing and eventually seeing their body as a work of art. It can be a single step on the journey to self-love. Learning to see yourself as whole, rather than constantly breaking yourself down into your “imperfect” parts. This is about surrendering to yourself just the way you are, imperfections and all and tapping into your spirit and your mystery. 

This could look like an expressive journey in the studio, the wild, or your home that tells the painful, joyous and or erotic story of your relationship to yourself and your body and your self. Or it could be just one aspect of that. 

For this session I will provide you with some journal prompts, to hep you get clear on the aspect of yourself you are wanting to tap into and honour, the location you will feel safest in exploring this and a playlist to help you access this place of wild feminine embodiment. 


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