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A well developed woman… does not innovate or fabricate in order to impress others or to secure a place of belonging. Rather she is simply herself – her SELF.  If she impresses others, it’s because she imagines, designs and manifests authentically and in away only she can. She is unique in her way of loving, contributing and belonging. But she is not inflated about it. Nor is she shy or reserved about what she can do and what she loves.

She is both humble and bold.

(words by Bill Plotkin from Wild Mind)


Hi there! I’m Kelly

Seeker | Teacher | Creative

I am many things: a mother, lover,  partner, sister, daughter, woman, human, creative, earth-walker, student and teacher of yoga & personal growth as well as a soulful portrait and lifestyle photographer.

I am passionate about helping women to step into their wholeness. To lovingly embrace every aspect of their Self and boldly step into a life of inspiration, authenticity and creativity.

Through the wisdom practices of yoga, tantra, meditation & connection to the natural world around us I urge you to reclaim your place as a creator in the great song of the world and become the artist of your own life.

Wether it’s to mother your children, show up authentically in your place of work or discover and live your lifes purpose – the world is waiting for you to step into your fullness, trust your gifts and boldly share your medicine.

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Sign up to receive your FREE “Home of the Heart” Meditation below.


How Can I help?

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I have so many ways to guide you into a deeper experience of inspiration, creativity, alignment and expression of your truest and most authentic self. I’m so grateful to be able to share these practices and I can’t wait to start practicing with you!


I love capturing the beauty & essence of every special stage of womanhood from maiden, to mother to maga to crone. I capture motherhood, maternity, newborn, personal branding for soul centred entrepreneurs as well as Wild Women’s Embodiment Sessions. 


Live in the Wollongong area? Why not head over to the Yoga Vidya website and discover how you can practice yoga & meditation with me and our amazing team, in person at our beautiful boutique studio on the main street of Port Kembla.



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