Emotional Freedom Technique

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EFT is a really accessible and handy technique that you can use for helping to shift stuck thought patterns or areas of belief and self doubt. I first started working with it when I came across Gala Darling, who I love! We could not be more different, she has pink hair, fake boobs, long fake nails, always wears a full face of make up and she is manifesting pink lamborghini’s. I remember when i was younger I think I subconsciously believed that every person I would learn from would have to fit into this unconscious mould I had for them. Well, Gala Darling is gorgeous in all the right ways and she totally brought that subconscious belief to the forefront of my mind and obliterated it for me!

Here are some links to some of her EFT videos, I recommend looking up on youtube EFT videos for whatever is relevant to your life, but the video above is a quick way for you to get started and can be worked into your life in 30 seconds.



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