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Sister, not only are you invited to attend, you are invited to bask, relax and to soak into a long weekend of pure magic.

The last two years has seen me casting off the spiritual seriousness, dropping all the practices & ways of teaching that fan my ego and finding my way home to the simplicity of slow. 

I’m more committed to the path than ever, but it looks & feels a whole lot different.

This journey has led me back to the beginning you could say, the path of folk herbalism. The wise woman tradition of healing is the oldest tradition of healing because it’s the peoples medicine. It’s the medicine of our grandmothers, our ancestors and the ancients and it is rooted in sovereignty, simplicity, reciprocity, presence and of course, love.

I know, with every cell of my being, that the answer to just about every question we are asking collectively right now is found in us slowing down enough to FEEL, remember & reclaim our rightful place & relationship in and with the natural world.  

My intention for this retreat is to guide a group of women through a deep immersion into the art & magic of slow medicine, self-tending and nature immersion. 

With this invitation I am calling you home to the land, the water, the plants and yourself.   May we come together to joyfully honour and tend our own spirits and bodies of earth & water so we may become embodied and true in our guardianship of the larger body that sustains & nourish’s us. 

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This four day, three night retreat experience will be held in the beautiful Bamarang Nature Reserve on Yuin Country at Bamarang Bush Retreat. 

This earthy riverside haven offers an expanse of bush to wander & explore as well as private access to a lush and leafy secluded swimming “beach” on the beautiful Shoalhaven river, about an hour south of Wollongong (or 2 hours south of Sydney).

Every aspect of this weekend has been designed to support you in spending every moment quite literally soaking in the magic, medicine and nurture of nature. 

From nature immersion in the bush, bathing rituals in clear cleansing waters of the river to the medicinal plants that myself (Kelly) and others will be inviting you to drink down, rub on and bottle up to soothe you to the very depth of your being.   

Bamarang has extensive wrap around verandahs overlooking the river and the bush, with countless nooks for you to find a quiet spot to read, relax in the sun, feast on some fruit, do some watercolour painting, have a nap or simply DO NOTHING. 

It’s important for you to know, that whilst the buffet of experiences I am curating for you are designed to slow you down and bring you into a state of deep presence & gentle self tending…

Every single thing is simply an invitation.  

From the very beginning of the weekend you will be encouraged to ask yourself “what would be most nourishing for me?” and give yourself permission to do just that.




A spacious buffet


WELCOME TO COUNTRY & SMOKING CEREMONY: We open the weekends portal by being welcomed in ceremony with traditional custodians of Yun Country. 

PLANT SPIRIT MEDITATIONS: Begin each day with a nourishing herbal infusion as you are led through a plant spirit meditation. This practice not only deeply nourishes your body on waking but opens you up to the wisdom of the plants. 

SHARING CIRCLES: Women have always come together to share their stories, this is an opportunity to practice both listening & speaking from the heart. To be deeply held & to hold this is teh reciprocity of community in action. 

WEAVING CIRCLE FACILITATED BY TAMIKA: Weaving is an ancient practice that nurtures circles of women and helps us drop into slow states of gentle presence. Be guided in basket making & jewellery.

PAMPER RITUALS BY THE RIVER: Imagine loving on your body under the shade of the river trees, with home made herbal body oils and exfolients then bathing in the river as a ritual of self love & tending. How long (if ever) has it been since your body has been loved on like this?

YOGA & MOVEMENT MEDICINE: Move your body and love your lymph with gentle, accessible and dynamic yoga practices to shift your body into a state of vibrancy. 

FORAGING & BUSH MEDICINE TALK: By local medicine elders who will introduce us to some of the local bush tucker & medicine that has been used for thousands of years.

HERBAL MEDICINE MAKING: Using a combination of locally foraged plants, fresh & dried herbs supplied by Kelly – we will prepare a number of herbal tinctures & rememdies to take home to support our immunity & wellbeing through the autumn period. 

CACAO CEREMONY WITH TAMIKA: Cacao is a sacred plant medicine that is celebrated for it’s heart opening qualities. 

SINGING CIRCLE WITH GANGA: Light, joyous and fun! These singing circles are truly a gift to the nervous syste & the spirit. It doesn’t matter how you sound but I promise you will feel free! 

DELICIOUS WHOLE FOOD MEALS: You will be nourished with a veritable feast each day with seasonally designed meals by Dandelion & Mallow as well as grazing plates throughout your days. 

GIFT BAG OF REMEDIES PREPARED BY KELLY: Each participant will receive a gift bag of herbal remedies & self-care goodies to both use on retreat and take home with you. 

The wise woman tradition 


The wise woman tradition of healing is the longest tradition of healing know to man, it’s the tradition of grandmothers & shamans and the healers that have existed in every community since the beginning of time.

It’s the medicine of Ayurveda, Hopi, Chinese Medicine and Indiginous Australia. It’s the peoples medicine and the remedies that humans have been using as a result of their connection to the land on which they live from the beginning of time. 

If you are human, this type of healing is in your blood, your ancestors used it even if they didn’t live on this land. Maybe your heritage is the witches of Wales, the European lineages or the grandmothers of the middle East. 

It doesn’t matter your ancestral heritage, in your blood runs a line of connection to women (and men) who knew how to commune with the land and skilfully wield its medicine. 

It’s time to reclaim our heritage of healing. To remember what it feels like to be a human in communion with the living world of medicine that very literally surrounds us. 

You will be guided by local indigenous wisdom holders in identifying and gathering bush medicine used by traditinal elders of Yuin country for thousands of years. 

Then, we will have a practical medicine making workshop where you will be guided in preparing intuitive, intentional tinctures & remedies from both foraged and supplied plant material. 

An immersion into 


Everything about this weekend is designed to draw you into a state of gentle presence and self-tending. From that place of loving awareness, you cannot help but experience a sense of belonging in & desire to care for the natural world around you.

Yoga and meditation practices are designed to love, invigorate & nourish every cell. Every care will be taken to deliver your movement practices in a way that honour your body & your process.

Our intention is not to push, punish or demean our body. Instead it is to revitalise, tend & replenish in a way that feels sweet, sacred and free!

Our luxurious riverside spa ritual session will, I am sure be a high point for many. Imagine brushing your body under the shade of the trees, rubbing plant scrubs into your skin, ritual bathing in the river to remove them and lathering your whole being in deeply penetrating herbal infused body oils. 

To compliment this process, each participant will receive a bag of gifts so that they may not only enjoy this luxurious process of self- tending whilst on retreat, but also as a soothing home practice.

Every oil & scrub we will be using throughout this session will have been lovingly prepared & infused with intention by me (Kelly) over the months prior to the retreat and each participant will receive recipes to make their own products at home.




I am so honoured and excited to introduce Patricia Ellis, a Brinka Yuwink and Walbunja woman of the South East Coast of NSW. 

Tricia will be guiding a two hour bush medicine and cultural walk amongst the trees of Bamarang which run alongside the sacred waters of the Shoalhaven River. 

She will be teaching us about Yuin culture, ancient sustainability practices, accessible bush food plants & medicines, their uses as well as the principals of ethical harvesting. 

This practical session will be held in the morning preceding our medicine making session in the afternoon, which means participants will be able to take the knowledge (and perhqps the plants if they call you) into your creative process of medicine making later in the day.

Patricia has worked as a teacher at TAFE NSW for more than 38 years, as the Aboriginal Coordinator, Patricia has made a profound contribution to the education and awareness of both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people through cultural awareness training.

She identifies as and is recognised as an Aboriginal Elder who is a twice published author and Teacher of the local Aboriginal “Dhurga” language.

I feel so honoured to have Aunty Tricia joining us for this portion of the women’s retreat and can’t wait to listen to her weave Dreamtime stories unique to the local Yuin people throughout her session.


The details


The weekend will start at 2pm on Friday 3rd March 2023 and end at approximately the same time on Monday 6th March. This is a women’s only retreat.

If you wish to attend, please ensure you carve out the time so that you can drop into the slow & spacious intention I have set out for the retreat. This is an investment and I want to ensure you are able to receive the FULL magic of the experience.


Bamarang Bush Retreat, Bamarang (near Nowra) – roughly an hour south of Wollongong or 2 hours south of Sydney. 


Triple Share Room: $1299 – Register & pay in full here

Twin/Double Room: $1399 – Register & pay in full here

Private Room: $1530 – Register & pay in full here

Private Cabin : $1900 for one person or $1500 each person twin share (ONLY ONE AVAILABLE – please contact Kelly directly to ensure this option is still available)

* Pricing includes meals, accommodation, all activities with me (Kelly) and a host of inspiring guest facilitators as well as take home gifts and the medicines prepared by you. A $450 deposit is required to secure your booking. Payment must be finalised 10 days prior to the retreat.

If you would prefer to pay by direct bank transfer please get in touch with me directly by filling out the inquiry form below, emailing [email protected] or texting me on 0428 433 650 and I will provide further details. 

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I am a seeker, kitchen dancing Mumma of two, lover, permaculturist, homeopath and apprentice folk herbalist.

I have been fascinated by all forms of health, wellness, ecology, transformative process and spirituality since she I was a young teenager. I have completed seven years of formal studies in natural medicine, homeopathy, permaculture, Ayurveda and holistic nutrition. I have been teaching (and of course practicing) meditation, Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda & the classical tantric arts for over ten years.

I seek to create spaces that prioritise nurture, embodiment & healing through a creative and earth centred approach.

The more I learn, the more I understand that the path to true health & happiness is rooted in awareness, simplicity, reciprocity and love. Everything I offer is imbued with the potency of these core values. 

Welcome to all things slow medicine.  




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