How to prepare



For working with the nourishing herbs we want to draw as much as the nutrient and medicinal qualities from the herb as possible. So we work with a long infusion, or an overnight infusion. 

Please prepare your infusion the night before you intend to drink it OR if drinking later in the day let the infusion sit and infuse for 4-6 hours. I make mine before I go to bed, then wake up and drain. If you have forgotten to prepare you could also make a decoction where you boil the same amount of Burdock in 2L of water and boil down until you only have approximately 1L of water and then strain, allow to cool and drink in the same way. 


  • 1L Glass Jar (quart mason jar) – don’t let not having the perfect tools affect this challenge. For a long time I used old Macona Coffee jars. The 200g jars almost hold a full litre and would be a perfect substitute.
  • Dried organic Burdock root (you could also use fresh if you happen to have it).
  • 1L of boiling water – I always recommend using high quality, filtered water if you have it but start where you are and use what you have – if tap water is what you have, that is what you use. 
  • A strainer



  1. Take a handful of dried Burdock root and place it in the jar.
  2. Pour boiling water over the burdock and quickly seal the lid. 
  3. Leave to sit for 4-6 hours (or overnight) then strain before drinking. See – couldn’t be simpler!

* With Burdock you could take the used Burdock root and either make another infusion from the already once used root (say if you wanted another litre later in the day), prepare a decoction (as mentioned above) from the already used root. You could also add it (or fresh root) to stocks or simply throw into your garden or compost. 





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