Daily practice




This Kriya can help with feelings of tiredness and help us develop a greater sense of vitality and energy, which might in some ways feel counter-intuitive to this time of year when we are wanting to draw inward. What’s interesting however is this practice actually helps us more organically choose rest when it’s needed and become more skilful at holding and directing/spending our energy – which in essence is what nature is doing as we move into the cooler time of year.

We will be exploring the first part only of this practice and also adding a normal breath in between which can help the system stay completely relaxed throughout. You will likely sense your system soften after each round (one round being a single breath ratio of 1:2:2 followed by a single ‘normal’ breath).


Start with a version of the breath ratio 1:2:2 that is suitable and comfortable for your current capacity. So that may be an inhale of 4, a hold of 8 and an exhale of 8. It may be inhale 3, hold 6, exhale 6. You will also find that in time, with practice your capacity increases.

Let’s use 4:8:8 as an example.

Inhale a smooth, even, full and even strong (but not forced or loud) breath of 4 counts. 

Hold for 8 counts (or whatever you can comfortably without strain). See if you can get a sense of the breath continuing to nourish and even expand you – even while you hold it within. 

Exhale slowly and evenly for a count of 8 (or whatever you can comfortably without strain). 

Take a normal inhalation and exhalation to soften and relax before doing another round of the ratio breath.

So approximately 10 rounds or whatever feels good for you. 

Practice daily or even several times a day. Feel free to journal anything that comes up for you around this practice and or sit in meditation afterwards. 

You could do this breathing practice to prepare for your plant meditation or keep it seperate – whatever works with your daily rhythm and schedule. There is no perfect, nor right – only what fits simply with your life. 




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